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Firstly , I was once a blogger. 'felicitoussally' was my past.
My name is Hirohata Chiyo desu , yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Chiyo for short ; my friend called me a lists of name.In LJ , I am more comfortable being called 'Sally' or Chiyo chan(only for my closer friends).

I am graduating soon in High School. As a studios student , half of my day is fulled with busy schedule. A boring sensation of life but my family are my classmates.

I am a hard core fan of boy bands from Korea & Japan.
My first priorities in FANDOM ;
Arashi followed by SUJU , the rest of the bands(you name it) are my average but I support them!!

Is dying to be in Arashi's concert one day!! Wants to have more friends who madly loves Arashi. Yoroshiku ne! Feel free to drop a comment or click on my links.

I am a fan fiction writer, just started when Suki chan obsessed me with ideas of Ryoda. I was once a designer for blogskins , has stopped because of technical problems in blogger. A plurk fan , I love my fruits family.

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