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05 December 2011 @ 05:52 pm
Title: In Trouble
Author: [info]sallyteukie
Pairing: Tegoshi x OC , NEWS
Genre: fluff, romance , angst and smut (at later chapter, maybe)

Summary: A fan got lucky during Tegomasu concert and everything went chaos when they were involve in a scandal.

The final examination of JLPT ( Japanese language proficiency test) is around the corner and lessons has been cut short for students consultation. The pressure is killing me which made me say countless times to stay strong.Since every hardwork you do something good will pay you back. 
I sighed again, as I stumble on a difficult word. It has been more than seven hours of diligent studying at Starbucks, alone as always.

I closed the book with fatigueness and wipe my glasses. Sipping through my hot chocolate, my phone buzzed on the table and answered, moshi moshi, Yuu chan desu~

“How is the studying going along?” asked Chiyo, my friend whom is living in Tokyo.


“gambatte ne!”

“hai~ arigatou”

“ne, yuuchan! I’ve got you ticket to Tegomasu Concert!!” 

“hontoni!” I screamed with delightness. It has always been my dream to see them perform.

“unn.. It will be the day after your JLPT! So it will be my present to you!”

“Arigatou!” If its the day after my exams then it will one more week left. I was fortunate that I have my savings which will be enough for a tru and fro ticket to Tokyo. 

( A week later )

My first ever trip to Tokyo alone although it will be dangerous hence the pepper spray that my mother asked to bring along. The duration to Japan will be in eight hours time and sleep engulfed me as I lay my body confortably. The announcement of landing woke me up, I glance at the window and the scenery of the island welcome me. It was thrilling!

Upon arriving my hotel, I took in the realityness of me being in Japan and going to Tegomasu Concert with a VIP ticket. Although I had pinch myself countless time telling myself it is not a dream. But indeed it is not a dream. I giggled on my sillyness.
Finally the time has come, departing from the hotel 4 hours earlier to take the train to Tokyo Dome. It was as pack as I could have imagine, it would not be a surprise if everyone is going to the concert. 

“Tokyo Dome Station. Please exit on the left side” 

( At the concert )

“Tegomasu desu , yoroshiku onegaishimasu” said both of them in unison during their MC speech. I was glad that I had a clear version of them. Although its dark, I managed to find my seat. 

As the concert ended they sang, Aoi Bench. My phone buzzed, Chiyo again. I answered.

“moshi moshi!” 

“ne, look at the left, I am waving to you!” said Chiyo, excitedly.

Following her instructions, I look to the left and there she was waving at me like a crazy girl.
She wave at me to come to her, I frowned. What the hell is she doing?

She pulled me into a room and then instruct me to seat at a chair, stay still and be quiet. Then she exited leaving me stranded alone in the room. A moment later, male voice heard outside the room. The door opened, there he was entering the room , the man of my dreams.
I gasped and clamped my mouth immediately. 
Its unbelievable but its the TEGOSHI in front of me. He turned to me and frowned. 

“who are you?” he asked with a expressionless face.

” Yuu desu. I am your fan.” I answered him genuinely.

He nodded and smiled. ” My friend Chiyo asked me to come in here, I did not know it was your room. I am sorry for intruding” 

His smiled faded and shook his head.

“Ne, egao wo misete kurete yo!” 

Suddenly, there was noise outside. Tegoshi stood up and went towards the door. Opening it slightly ajar to look outside. He closed it soon after. He walked towards me, grabbed 2 pairs of sunglasses and 2 caps. Putting it on himself and then for me. 
With his jacket on and his bag, he catch hold of my hand and we walked out of the room together. Flash of camera’s welcome us and voices of asking whose my identity scared me.
From far, Chiyo worried expression and I was speechless as he pulled me into a van. 

Thankfully the window was tinted. Tegoshi took off his shades and hat, closing his eyes. 

“To my house, please” he said to the chauffer.

It was all going too fast, I stared at him momentarily finding words inside my head to asked him what happened a while ago. 

“You know, you staring at me. I can sue you for illegally staring at me and thinking of wild imaginations at the same time” he whispered at me. He closed our distance and brush his fingers to my hair. 

I held my breathe and my body went stiff. He giggled and went back to his position. Closing his eyes again. He hummed to a beat that I found myself very comfortable with.

“Tegoshi san, what happened just now?”

“Drop the san please, just call me Tegoshi. Well, to put it easy, that was papparazi. Then you and me are in a ….. scandal.” he pointed towards me and him, emphasizing it that we both are in deep trouble.

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04 November 2009 @ 07:10 pm
I miss blogging already .... Woots!!!!!!!!

Yeah ! I truly never update my LJ , hmmm.. maybe I can make this my Private blog.
People who have LJ a/c can view this journal which is only NANA & YUU chan!!
I decided to call her Yuu back , is a habit that are unchangeable.

This LJ blog will be private starting from Next monday onwards.
Since I dont have any time to deal on LJ things.
& maybe I will do something to the layout , see how things going on !

Bye! I really have quite many things to do!
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25 October 2009 @ 06:15 pm
tsk pains my heart to leave this journal!

Sigh , been very busy even though EOY have ended but I still have no mood to finish up the things that I have not yet done with.

My fan fiction is still in progress or maybe I halted it and have no inspiration to finish it up.
& I still haven't yet read my online friends fan fiction that I had started previously.

Now I have been watching a anime : "Pandora Hearts" .
Really have to get used to the scary laugh and worsely I am using my headphones
because it feels weird for me when someone knows what I am doing.
& it does not relates anything to that person who knows.
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: Pandora Hearts episode 7
18 October 2009 @ 06:01 pm
I would not be updating anymore in LJ!
so welcome back to my bloogger site , felicitoussally.blogspot.com!!

Today's SBS Inkigayo [popular song] make me super happy!!

Theirs SHINEE performance!
Taemin look super hot + my jonghyun! drools all over!!

BEAST! Super loving this also , have my AJ! that hotness hubby of mine!

& my random guy who never fials to make me WOW at every hairstyle he has.

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16 October 2009 @ 10:37 pm
I wanted to buy this !

This is TOP's which cost around $65 the cheapest among the rest.

This is daesung's one , which cost $75! & the one that I wanted the most!!!

The rest of the colours!!

Effects of EOY!Collapse )
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14 October 2009 @ 01:08 pm

Another post after yesterday's means *drum rolls* one paper is done and be forgotten & another paper for me to study today!

Tomorrow is the last day of my exams and school , actually Friday was no school since its a marking day and maybe will be going out somewhere , who knows where?
& after my exam papers , will be rushing home back and meet the guys to visit teacher's house for the last time.

Maybe going home late , and I super need to wear a nicer sandals or shoes. Because I am so not wearing the high heels again , I dont want to be having my legs screaming in pain.

// Highlights for today!

- I have been frowning non-stop at the bus while Daryl & NANA laughing at me.
- Been racking my brain on my FN.
- Ate kimchi rice cake , but not that spicy. and the rice cake is super long not like the korean one.
- Rain suddenly , but still love the rain. * my laundries *
- I love my unnie , BOM! * as usual re-watching 2ne1 TV.
- Chemistry , epic fail!
- wandering around the mall at 9+ when the shops have not yet opened.

// Things I have to do after exams!

- Read abby2892 fan fictions , sorry I have been MIA !
- The rest of the fan fictions that I have bookmarked earlier on.
- Get my hair done.
- Shopping with Amy & Lin * when will that be *
- Had a finely outing with bookworm.
- Read the house of night novels. *slowly*
( that's all i can think right now )

* thats all for today! bye bye!
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: 2NE1 Episode 03

Well , just now at school did not get to talk to her. But managed to say slightly "happy birthday" less than a minute.

// Been browsing for a picture of me and her but epic fail.
So run into shinkansen photos, so search for Japan pictures. Very stress free!!

- Today I had three papers!
Starting by : Combined Humanities ; Geography , Listening Comprehension [ hate it very much ] , lastly Physics.

First paper , I did not answer 1 question because I think I did not study that part , LC - who does not hate it but worth the marks.
Physics : something happened. one of my classmates suddenly vomited , well she always get sick and unwell. & I am convenient with , people get sick because they getting older.

Now I am falling asleep because of the lacking of sleep yesterday , if i am not wrong , was listening to onee san talking about her life then had trouble sleeping. 5 minutes later I was off to dreamland.
Sigh , super sleepy and worse I have to study dumb chemistry.

The acid , alkali , bonding chemical and ........
Now its difficult to me ,if its coming to O's and N's how am I going to handle this!! Seriously! Help me!
& sis iffah say that she relieve stress by reading books , but maybe after my exams , hahahs I cant read when there's exam's the next day!
Hai! do desuka? hmmm... that 's all. Ja ne!!! [ bye!!! ]

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12 October 2009 @ 03:43 pm
I have absolutely no time to see arashi_on , the wonderful updates fan's has posted there. But I have no time to read it all ,usually read it all!
No time no time no time no time ~~

Today's paper was Combined Humanities : Social Studies , Combined Maths : Normal Academic & Express Stream.
// Purposely put it to make me more stress and also relieved that I am super done with all of this papers.

What I can say for my first paper , well let me say that Brandon and Daniel had been a very irritating duel comedians! Sigh! Must every 2 minutes shout at them to stop playing , when teacher's busy distributing the papers.
After finishing it well let me say , me and NANA were rushing out of the class to eat our breakfast , because we always never get to eat because of the long queue. Should say that it was the first time we ate there without queuing.
Do - chan sigh on us, "running for food" ..

quite expensive , I paid $2.40 ! Super angry lor!
Not going to eat there again , but somehow it makes me my stomach full till afternoon.
second paper , quite easy I guarantee all the class will have the our stand back of 100% passes for maths paper!

Then last paper for me and some of them , NANA and suki chan left , sigh! Thank for the good lucks!
& today is my super irritating friend , UMI! BIRTHDAY!! Who I have been fighting since term 1 of last year.
We really enjoyed fighting with each other because at the end I will get back with her.


for no absolute reason!!!

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11 October 2009 @ 10:26 am

Bored with studying my humanities and physics and chemistry..

But there's no other choice for me , study is the only way I get my education and then get my dream work.
Then I can enjoy my life!

Been thinking twice on taking up tourism course, now considering whether I should take it or not.
But I love to travel the world and certainly no way I would want to be a stewardess. They kick ass but their customers kick bad ass.

Previous 2 weeks ago , we went the 1-2 2007's went to outing for hari raya , I simply love the day but sadly I did not take that many pictures so.
as those memories are to be kept in heart, love it.

But I think you either have to be my friend or a facebook user to view this , but whatever.
Only 5 pictures will put inside more but not now because I am in a rush of time. I have no time but after my examination I will have quite lots of time.
Until November , then I have to resume my studies and start studying back for my 'O' and 'N' level!

Just have to endure longer for 2 more years and I can rest for awhile and be back on track for my Poly! Thinking so far for my future , I have to be ready for my future anyways, because I will be facing it no matter what.

That's it short and nice!

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06 October 2009 @ 06:24 pm
I know , I know . The next paper is another 2 more days away and here I am playing with my computer. OH NO! Your are absolutely wrong.

I just finished my FN coursework which is to be hand in by tomorrow, glad that I done it quickly.
This week I have 3 papers and some have 2 papers and worse some of my friends have only 1 paper to do.
While unlucky me who is force to take up on more subjects have to take in 3 that involves calculation and mental thinking.

Normal Maths Paper 1 , Principle of Accounts and lastly will be my express Maths P2.
Worse day.
But MONDAY is much more worse because I will be finishing all my examination papers at 2 +. Nearing to 3.
How unlucky , which I hope the luckyness will be in my results and not be the time slots and subject of exam on a day.

LUCKY I want my luckyness, good lucks to me!

Many things which is happening around me , but which again lucky me and NANA is still the same, even though we have fights here and there. Our relationships as best friends and manager remain intact even death separates us apart. * NANA dont cry*. LOL!

I am doing something special for her birthday , which she still havent yet tell me what she want for her birthday unlike my dear shirley who had told earlier. But her birthday is way long DECEMBER!!! SIGH!
to buy her eunhyuk necklace but I let her see first the thing before buying for her.

Okay ; as my hiatus back up. After my hiatus I will revamped again my LJ skins.
& also my blogger. who have collected much dust these days.
Till here, and will meet again after I had done with my final exams!!

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